2017 In Review – Ranking The Resorts

There’s something for everyone when choosing a hotel. But not all of them deserve your business… Best Luxury Resort – Palazzo The Venetian‘s more contemporary sister property has what it takes to satisfy your luxury needs without overt attempts at “hipness” (Cosmopolitan) or coasting on a previously-established reputation (Bellagio). The Palazzo offers easy access from … Continue reading “2017 In Review – Ranking The Resorts”

Westgate’s Culinary Superstars: Chef Bruno Morabito

Sid’s Cafe’s “Master of Brunch” is serious about the joys of casual dining… Part Two in my series on the fabulous culinary family of Westgate Las Vegas Sometimes you talk at length with someone whom you’ve previously encountered only in passing…and they blow your expectations away. That’s what happened during my recent morning sit-down with … Continue reading “Westgate’s Culinary Superstars: Chef Bruno Morabito”

Westgate’s Culinary Superstars: Chef Michael McNeilly of Fresco Italiano

Westgate’s unconventionalĀ Chef de CuisineĀ infuses every dish with his untamed spirit… While Las Vegas continues to be a city of re-invention, some resorts in the Valley have been far more successful than others at maintaining their relevance. Westgate Las VegasĀ (previously the Las Vegas Hilton) continues to surprise with the levels of excellence it’s achieved in restoring … Continue reading “Westgate’s Culinary Superstars: Chef Michael McNeilly of Fresco Italiano”

Westgate’s Superbook Lands a Slam Dunk at “The Court”

New dining outlet at world’s largest sportsbook is a hit with the fans… In the past couple of years I’ve reported on the numerous improvements that have taken place in and around Westgate Las Vegas, best known as the former Las Vegas Hilton. Along with renovated rooms, modernized amenities and a new approach to customer … Continue reading “Westgate’s Superbook Lands a Slam Dunk at “The Court””