“Greece” Is The Word

“Vegas Unfiltered” is about to go on a very short hiatus…

Hi, all! I want to express my appreciation to everyone who has joined me here at Vegas Unfiltered. I’m having a great time sharing my experiences and thoughts with you and hope you’re enjoying yourself as well.

I’ll be taking a short break to head off to Europe on my first cruise…ever. Italy, Greece, Albania and Croatia are on the itinerary. Hubby and some friends will be with me for the biggest adventure yet…outside of Vegas, of course.

When V/U returns in two weeks, you may see a new look to the site. I’m working with a fantastic media person, a local Vegas mover-and-shaker, who is planning on integrating my page into his platform. This will yield a superior user-friendly design and a very attractive site. The date isn’t specific right now, but very close.

Until then, enjoy the articles already here and have a great couple of weeks.