Las Vegas Drive-in Theater is a Virus-Safe Cure for Cabin Fever

Retro-cool outdoor movie theater provides box-office hits without the need for human contact…

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UPDATE 6/9/20 – The snack bar is open. This is the official response:

Concessions is open. However we are only selling popcorn, bottled drinks, pre-packaged candy and ice cream and pre-packaged nachos.

UPDATE 5/11/20 – The drive-in has reopened….again. Check their website for latest showtimes and operating rules.

UPDATE 4/24/20 – The saga of the Las Vegas drive-in theater has become increasingly convoluted and frustrating. After only two days of operating under special permission granted by Nevada’s governor, the outdoor movie theater was ordered to close yet again. Yours truly was on the way there to attend a screening when I received notification of the latest news.

This situation has become a sore spot for Las Vegas locals desperately in need of a little taste of “normal” life. While hundreds are allowed to gather outside of big box stores at will, the concept of being inside your own closed vehicle in what is basically a large parking lot as been deemed “unsafe”.


Although I have been quite supportive of social-distancing guidelines and closures for public-safety reasons, the state of Nevada has, IMO, seriously dropped the ball on this one. Quite frankly, I’m sick of the inconsistency. Here’s the official statement from West Wind Drive-In as issued on their social media…around 7pm on 4/24/20:

We had received formal approval to reopen the Las Vegas Drive-In with certain operating restrictions and we complied. Unfortunately we have recently been asked to temporarily cease operations pending further direction from the Governor’s office. We are disappointed with this decision but look forward to re-opening as soon as possible. Thank you for your patronage and patience.

UPDATE 4/22/20 – The governor of Nevada has granted permission for West Wind Drive-in to reopen in Las Vegas. See below for details, and click THIS LINK for current movies and showtimes.


-The drive-in is accessible only to those in vehicles–for movies and A/V presentations only (e.g., worship services).
-Vehicles are spaced at least 10 feet apart (every other parking space).
-No one may leave their vehicle except to visit the restroom.
-Access to the restroom is limited to 1 person (plus a minor child or a disabled companion) at a time. Restrooms are sanitized every 30 minutes.
-The snack bar and entertainment areas are closed.
-Social distancing signage is in place, and all of these restrictions are provided to drive-in customers upon entry.
-Staffing is kept to a minimum; they oversee vehicle entry and ensure the above rules are followed or else a vehicle is told to leave.

UPDATE 4/6/20 – The drive-in is currently closed for movies, but the concession stand is operating during set hours to allow for take-home of their fabulous food and snacks. They’re even throwing in “bonus bucks” if you pre-purchase gift cards. 

Pick up some burgers and a bucket of popcorn for your own movie night and help keep the drive-in in business for when the quarantine is lifted. Click HERE for info on concession stand hours and up-to-date status regarding reopening. 

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Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 2.26.22 PM

UPDATE: Even though a statewide quarantine is currently in effect, Las Vegas West Wind Drive-in is being allowed to operate under strict conditions. See below for details. 

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Located just a little northwest of downtown near Texas Station and  Fiesta Rancho casinos, West Wind Las Vegas 6 is riding a sudden wave of popularity. While many drive-ins are long gone, West Wind continues to be an entertainment success. The modern digital picture is sharper, brighter, and is easily a match for their indoor counterparts. Sound is broadcast through high-quality FM onto your own car speakers, so you can control the volume and “oomph”.


What makes drive-in theaters especially popular right now is that their unique concept (watching movies under the stars) fits right into the coronavirus outbreak’s “social distancing” guidelines. Once you slide your payment through a crack in the car window, you can avoid being in close proximity to other human beings. The only folks you’ll encounter are the ones inside their concession stand building (or if you need to use the restroom).

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While indoor theaters charge upwards of $12.00 for a single movie, adult admission to West Wind 6 Drive-in is only $7.75. The titles change every week, with a combination of brand-new releases and holdover hits. Certain screens offer a double-feature of two recent films for the same low price. Children ages 5-11 get in for $1.75, and kids under 5 are free. Tuesdays are even cheaper, with adult tickets costing $5.50. The website offers a newsletter with Internet coupon offers, too.

When global pandemics aren’t the biggest worry of your day, you’ll want to return on a regular basis. An expansion of the outdoor dining and playground areas has added to the drive-in’s appeal. The snack bar offers typical movie-going fare but at noticeably lower prices. And, they’ve upped the fun factor with seasonal activities. During Halloween, the snack bar gets turned into a mini haunted house, complete with staff members in costume. Several times a year, West Wind hosts a Customer Appreciation Night with absolutely free admission, fun, and games.


The main concession building is located in the center of the property. It has a playground and outdoor picnic tables so you can stuff yourself on hot dogs and nachos without missing the movie. Of course, if you want to sneak a peek at one of the other five screens, I won’t tell. They often host special events with pony rides, live entertainment, and a petting zoo.

So, if the quarantine has you suffering from cabin fever, West Wind Drive-in Theater has the cure. Step back in time, look for the lighted arches and classic neon signage. Bring a pillow, wear your pajamas and bunny slippers if you like, and it’s even okay to smoke. And, nobody will scold you if you chat or decide to make out in the back seat.


West Wind Las Vegas Drive-in Theater is open year-round, rain or shine. It’s located at 4150 West Carey Avenue, northwest of downtown. Click HERE for their current movie titles/showtimes or call  (702) 646-3565 OR (702) 647-1379 for more information.

Photos: West Wind, Sam Novak, Yelp!

Author: Sam Novak

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